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We're partners in success.

Agano Consulting (made of Agano consulting (K) Ltd and Agano Consulting Inc.) is a professional services company that offers advisory services and training in Information Communications Technology (ICT), Risk management, and Telecommunications. Our team of experts works with clients in the government, private sector and non-government organizations to help them develop appropriate solutions that enable them to thrive and survive in uncertain business environments.

As a trusted advisor and thought leader, with years of expertise and global experience, we employ global standards, the latest insights, and innovative tools to help businesses solve important and complex problems. We are a knowledge leader that drives and contributes to a range of activities to further the business world’s understanding and adoption of the highest set standards


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Our Mission

To offer appropriate solutions that support the attainment of our clients’ business objectives.

Our Core Values

We deliver quality services, innovate to solve complex problems, uphold integrity, collaborate closely, and empower individuals and organizations.

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner for businesses looking to solve important complex problems, function effectively, gain clarity and take a lead.

Why Choose us?

Trusted Partner:

We place great emphasis in achieving high standards, observing ethical conduct and being accountable to our clients.

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Knowledge Powerhouse

Our team of experts use proven methodologies, innovative tools and secure collaboration platforms to share knowledge with our clients.

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Appropriate Solutions:

We ensure we tell you something new, useful and relevant to your business.

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Mastery of the Operating Landscape

We are masters of the prevailing conditions in the market.

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Creative & Innovative:

We employ best practices, apply the latest trends and insights to ensure that your business is proficient and takes lead.

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Agile & Accessible:

We offer a personalized service to help you solve complex and important problems quickly and easily.