Event Series A-3 Business Continuity Management (BCM)

A-3 Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Disasters are unpredictable! They happen!  Remember DUSIT2, GARISSA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE? How about WESTGATE? Only organizations that are prepared to face disasters are likely to survive. A-3 Business Continuity Management - Course Outline  4-Day Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Training Business continuity management (BCM) is about ensuring continued business operations in the face of a […]

Event Series A-15 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

A-15 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

An Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach is the most effective means of risk management. Enterprise Risk Management Course - Outline 4-Day Introduction Enterprise Risk Management Training Risk management has emerged as a well-entrenched discipline that should be an important part of every organization. With changing times, however, traditional risk management techniques are not sufficient to comprehensively […]