4-Day Introduction Enterprise Risk Management Training

Proactive Risk Management is core to organizations’ survival.
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is the Pandemic Impact Antidote

Course Outline:

Risk management has emerged as a well-entrenched discipline that should be an important part of every organization. With changing times, however, traditional risk management techniques are not sufficient to comprehensively address organizations’ risks. Organizations need to adopt, define, implement, and maintain an enterprise risk management (ERM) approach that ensures comprehensive risk management across the organization.

ERM is a process by which organizations identify measure, manage, and disclose all key risks to enhance organizations’ value to stakeholders. ERM pertains to (a) considering risk from all sources (financial, strategic and operational); (b) measuring the integrated impact of multiple risks occurring simultaneously; (c) aggregating exposures to the enterprise level; and (d) integrating risk information into strategic planning, based on the organization’s risk appetite.

This course draws from leading practices as captured in standards and application to managing risk in enterprises, including the COSO framework, ISO 31000, and ISO 22301, ISO9001:2015 among others.


Expose participants to existing and emerging practices in ERM, specifically:

  • Examine the “why, what, when, how and who” aspects of ERM
  • Establish the relevance of ERM and ERM practices in an enterprise
  • Develop practical steps towards ERM management systems in your enterprise
  • Demonstrate how to plan, develop and implement an Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Discuss risk-based approach in ISO9001:2015 and demonstrate tools for QMS automation thereof
Why should you attend?
  • Understand the why, what, when and how of risk management 
  • Appreciate the value of systematic approach provided by ERM in managing risk
  • Know approaches and methodologies for effective ERM and ERM framework development
  • Comprehend the roles & responsibilities  for players for effective risk management
Who is eligible to attend?
  • Managers & senior operations personnel responsible for risk management, technology, human resource, finance, administration, facilities, etc.
  • Operations personnel responsible for risk management & compliance
  • Officials of public and private sectors, as well as agencies concerned with enterprise risk management
  • Public relations and corporate communications managers
Day One – 1
  •  The Basics of Risk and why we must care
  • Risk Management: Scope & Purpose
  • Risk Assessment, Analysis & Evaluation; Practical Risk Assessment, Perception & Communication
Day Two – 2
  • ERM Frameworks, Standards and Practices
  • ERM Corporate Governance,
  • Risk modeling & Practical ERM Implementation
  • ERM as corporate culture
Day Three – 3
  • ISO 9001: 2015  The Risk Approach
  • Reporting, Monitoring and Embedding ERM into organizational processes
  • ERM Automation: Practical Demonstration of Q-Pulse
Day Four – 4
  • Recording risk & risk inter-dependencies
  • Risk Treatment: Controls & Financial
  • Quantifying risk-related benefits
Your Investment

$1100 (KES 130,000) for in-class training; $500 (KES 65,000) for online classes (NB: these charges do not include taxes).

Phone No. :

+254 101 915 260


Previous Participant Comments
  • A broad perspective on what ERM entails in an organisation.
  • Detailed practical examples and very relevant to the business.
  • Complementary instructors!
  • Well-structured disaster recovery techniques.
  • Informative and good school of knowledge passed to attendees. An eye-opener to risk management approach in an organizations.