Cyber-attacks are on the rise. For businesses the question today is not if they will occur but when they are likely to occur.

Cyber-attacks expose your business to an amount of risk which calls for companies to be ready.  Your organizations will get ahead of cybercrime by following a three stage journey – Activate, Adapt, and Anticipate.

At Agano Consulting we work with you to protect what is important- your business.  While breaches are inevitable – we start by giving you a holistic, full view of security and the elements and the threat landscape. We call this a 360-degree approach to cyber security that includes prediction, prevention, detection, and response to incidents.

Our specialists use global standards techniques like ISO/IEC27000/1-2 to handle security challenges that you face or likely to face.

Through the techniques we analyse users themselves, networks, devices, all software, processes, information in storage or transit, applications, services, and systems that can be connected directly or indirectly to networks to advise on the best solution that is suitable to you.

Our solutions are not only concerned on your operations today, but how you will operate tomorrow. We do this by hand-holding you through strategy to execution.

Our Service Highlights
  • Information Security Governance & Strategy
  • ICT Policy, Standards and Guidelines
  • Education & Awareness
  • Information Security Risk & Compliance Assessments
  • Vulnerability Management & Pen-Testing
  • PCI & ISO27001 Certification Readiness
  • Digital Forensics.
Who it’s for
Private and Public Sector companies in all industries:
  • That has adopted technology in its operations
  • That is looking to secure its data and that of its customers
  • That is looking to integrate more technology in the future
  • You have adopted cloud computing, outsource your digital supply chain, you operate mobile based payments, you use or allow social media and your employees bring mobile and digital devices to work
What you get
  • Company-wide cyber security gap analysis and development roadmap
  • Cyber security risk posture
  • Security Technical Control Review
  • Third-party Cyber Security Risk Management Review
  • Scenario-based cyber exercises
  • Knowledge & skills transfer